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About Course :

Learn DaVinci Resolve in this comprehensive course covering interface navigation, editing basics, color correction, advanced editing tools, collaboration features, and advanced color grading techniques. Dive into Fusion for VFX and compositing with an introduction to nodes, compositing techniques, keying, tracking, and industry insights. Regular assignments and a final project enhance practical skills, while Q&A sessions provide valuable support.

Course Outcome :

  • Gain proficiency in DaVinci Resolve, covering interface navigation, editing basics, and color correction fundamentals.
  • Acquire advanced editing skills including multicam setups, keyframing, and collaboration features for workflow optimization.
  • Master advanced color grading techniques such as secondary corrections, mood creation, and HDR grading principles.
  • Learn Fusion basics for VFX and compositing, including node-based workflows and keying techniques, culminating in a final project. Certification provides job opportunities in editing and color grading for film, television, and online content creation, with proficiency in industry-standard software like DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro.