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About Course :

This comprehensive course covers essential aspects of Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website Development, SEO, Google Analytics, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing, CRM, Influencer Marketing, ORM, Mobile Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Basic Videography, and Video Editing. Students will learn fundamental concepts, strategies, tools, and practical skills to excel in various areas of digital and traditional marketing, web development, and multimedia content creation, providing a robust foundation for pursuing careers in marketing, advertising, web development, and related fields.

Course Outcome :

  • Complete your digital marketing course and become certified in various digital marketing concepts including the 4Ps, STP, market size evaluation, media-based marketing, and more.
  • Gain expertise in WordPress website development, SEO strategies, Google Analytics & Tag Manager, content writing & distribution, social media marketing, and inbound marketing.
  • Acquire hands-on skills in YouTube marketing, Google Ads & Display Ads, social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Quora.
  • Master email marketing, CRM, influencer marketing, ORM, mobile marketing, graphic design, photography, videography, and video editing, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing.